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Precautionary measures, Before, During and After a Typhoon
Published By Nicole Wells on 2011-03-04 10755 Views

Disasters are often caused by natural occurrences such as earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, hurricanes, storms, floods, and typhoons. Although these natural occurrences cannot be prevented, the damages that they cause maybe minimized if people take precautionary measures. When a typhoon occurs, it could cause a lot of damages to properties and lives. Strong typhoons may bring strong winds that can blow down houses and other properties. The heavy rain that usually accompanies a typhoon could also be destructive because it may cause flood, flash floods, erosion and over flowing of rivers. All these factors could cause damages to properties and lives curing typhoon. In order to lessen the damages that can happen during a typhoon there are precautionary measures that people should take before, during and after a typhoon. Before Check the roofs, windows doors and chimneys for any leaks or weak parts and repair them before rainy season comes. Reinforce posts and walls that are weak. Cut all branches of trees around your house that could be a cause of damage to your house. Check all electrical wiring if they are safe. Stock up an adequate supply of all consumables such as rice, canned foods and all kinds of food that could last for a few days. Stock up sufficient supply of drinking water and water for other purposes. Be ready for flashlights, batteries and other lighting materials. Prepare a radio and batteries for listening to news. Teach the children on what to do during typhoon. Pack a bag with clothes that you can use in case of evacuation. Clean all water drainage and canals. During Always listen to he latest news about the typhoon. Do not leave your house if you are sure that it is safe. If you are outdoors stay away from electric posts and wires. Avoid low-lying areas that are prone to floods. Be ready to evacuate if needed. Do not leave the evacuation center unless you are told to do.

Leave your house as soon as you feel that you are not safe. Boil drinking water or be ready for bottled drinks. Do not go out if there are no important errands. It is safer to stay at home during typhoon. After Inspect all electrical wiring and water pipes for any damages and get the experts to repair them. Use slippers to protect your feet from any sharp objects that may have fallen. Stay away from electrical wires that have fallen. Repair any damages in the house. Boil your drinking water to make sure you are drinking safe water. Stay away from flood waters because they can cause water borne diseases. Clear everything that the typhoon has caused. These precautionary measures could save lives and lessen damages to properties when they are seriously complied with. .
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